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Boot Gaiters


Boot gaiters are protective sleeves that go over your boots to protect your legs from things like moisture, snow, weeds, etc, and sometimes even snakes!

They are usually made of a very durable material, fit snugly over the boots for the maximum amount of protection, and cover the legs quite a ways up. 

Gaiters can usually be worn with about any kind of boot, and are very popular for outdoorsmen who like to hike, hunt, fish, and travel through the thick wilderness of the wild.

This is an item that every outdoorsman should have, and it is an item that you will not want to go without if you enjoy hunting, but do NOT enjoy snow and water getting down your boots.

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Boot gaiters (also popularly known as hiking gaiters or walking gaiters) are the perfect things to get to protect your legs and feet from these discomforts, and here are some things to remember while shopping for them.

First of all, remember that you want to buy hiking gaiters that are made from a very durable, highly waterproof material. Most walking gaiters are made from nylon, but are outfitted with rugged, often triple ply 50-denier Ventia fabric on the upper part. Lower, you usually get something like a 500-denier cordura nylon fabric, with an enclosure made from Velcro, usually one and a half inches wide. 

The strap should also be made of a high quality material, such as nylon/rubber. This will ensure that the boot gaiter does not fail when moisture comes into contact with it, and will ensure you long hours of use.

Size is usually a concern, but not as big a concern as if you were, say, buying a pair of shoes. Usually, walking gaiters are sold in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. Petite women and children would wear small, smaller men would wear medium or large, and plus sized men and women would wear extra large.

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This keeps sizing relatively simple, and makes it easy to buy hiking gaiters for family members or friends as gifts. Unlike shoes...because with shoes you never know what size to get.

You are always guessing, afraid that you will guess wrong, and then, not all shoes fit the same....not with gaiters! Walking gaiters pretty much fit anybody within their size range, and you can usually just size someone up by looking at them. This makes buying hiking gaiters pretty easy.

Boot gaiters are also very popular with kids, because kids don’t like to have snow down their shoes any more than adults do! That is why more and more kids are wearing gaiters now than ever before. Women are also wearing gaiters more often, sporting them while hunting, fishing, and hiking right along with men.

So, find out which kind suits you best, and suit up today in a new pair of boot gaiters. As mentioned, they are also called hiking or walking gaiters, so check with your favorite online retailer about prices and sizes available. If you like the outdoors, you will not regret purchasing a pair!

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